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One Word That Is Enough For Their Comeback “B.A.P, THE KING IS BACK.”
B.A.P has returned. They swept the rookie awards within and outside of the nation with the same debut song title and album name ‘Warrior’ in 2012, they made the entire world go wild with what became the distinct brand of the six men ‘B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH’ concert series, and they stand in front of the fans with an one step upgraded self.
Honestly there were hard times. However as much as they had gone through during long hiatus, all the members coiled together and came back to our side in a more strong and cool appearance. With the presentation of ‘Where Are You? What Are You Doing?’ in June of last year, due to no particular promotion, this comeback will be the first since the release of the first album ‘First Sensibility’ in February 2014 one year and nine months ago. A long time of missing the stage and keeping in tune with the fans, everyone is holding their breath watching the flutter of their wings after the six men have gone through a time of perseverance.

Right Now-Our Story! The 100% Real ‘Youth’ The Six Men Are Conveying
The biggest frame of B.A.P’s fourth mini album ‘MATRIX’ is ‘Youth’. To be green ‘靑(청;)’ and Spring ‘春춘;)’ (tn: this is how they define hanja words), with the definition “All creations will be green in spring”, they have taken ‘youth’, that we may not realize that perhaps this may be our life’s most brightest time, and melted it into music. Under the large motive such of ‘youth’, the title song ‘Young, Wild, & Free’ expressed what the B.A.P members were feeling at the very moment through honest lyrics such as, “Even if the same hardship comes you can’t stop us”, “Even if the sun sets and the darkness comes we won’t stop running” the pompous spirit is shown in the song’s first half with a rough metal guitar sound. Besides this, ‘MATRIX’ unraveled their feelings of love and gratitude to their fans and expressed it as a youth’s love with ‘Take you there’, ‘Monologue’ (expresses) the youth’s wandering and is filled with magnificent orchestra and narration, ‘Be Happy’ is filled with the brightness of youth’s happiness, and lastly the love and pain of separation of what the youth thought was love ‘Blind’. They are all diverse, drawing 100% of the real forms of ‘youth’ and forming a natural bond of sympathy.
Here and there in the album the member’s active participation is noticeable. Chorus, choreograph, lyric writing, styling and the overall concept has all touched B.A.P’s hands. The album that has perfectly contained the six men's’ individuality and color in the hoped-for new album ‘MATRIX’ will finally see the light.

As an artist to a producer, leader Bang Yongguk’s pleasant growth report
Approximately 1 year and 9 months comeback- Ever since the debut, putting his name on every album’s credits, the leader Bang Yongguk who has continued on his musical growth has participated and devoted himself in composing, lyric making and arranging as a whole for the new album ‘MATRIX.’ Among that, their title ‘Young, Wild & Free,’ is a song in which he solved his own experience and feelings and is becoming a proud record of his growth trace as an artist to a producer. Especially in his growth, he was able to check for a richer sound with the assistance of domestically and internationally well known mix engineers and master engineer Randy Merrill.
Since it holds a special meaning with their own stories, 'Young, Wild & Free’ (members) have also put in more efforts in performance also. In a family like relationship and have worked with B.A.P a several times, the luxury choreography team 'PLAY 一家,’ and domestically and internationally known choreographer 'Keone Madrid’ has joined their powers together. Not only that, the members Jongup and Zelo who are the greatest in performance in the group has participated in creating the one and only (in the world) choreography for 'Young, Wild & Free.’ It’ll be a fancy and a restrained group dance and also a flexible and fatal balance of performance which will draw compliments such as “that’s B.A.P as expected!”

Those Trying To Wear The Crown, You Must Tolerate The Weight! Blockbuster Level Music Video
The title song ‘Young, Wild & Free’ music video before its release has been getting a lot of spotlight from articles for expecting to be grand scale and all time high quality. As if to satisfy those expectations, the ‘Young, Wild & Free’ music video expresses the story of challengers approaching the throne and B.A.P winning the victory flag.
Also, the ‘Young, Wild & Free’ music video is produced by the same person who worked with the members for ‘Warrior’, “ONE SHOT’, “1004(Angel)’ and brags about his chemistry with the members, the most famous in the industry, Zany Bros Director Hong Wongi has grabbed the megaphone. With a reputation for sensual imagery, Director Hong Wongi has completed a blockbuster level rivaling a movie set with an extravagant set and a real live and moving lion. Within achromatic colored sculptures with momentary apperances of color makes it more fun to watch, and a level of manliness in the visuals of six men has been been moved intact onto the screen and fluttering the fan’s hearts.

*B.A.P 4th Mini Album

- 40P Photobook
- 1 Type of Photocard (random out of 6)
- 1 Poster

*B.A.P 4th Mini album

- Poster type 1 given (image is diferent from the regular record)
- Mini poster type 2 inserted in product
: special thanks to poster type 1 (mini poster form of work with fan’s names)
: Merchandise 5 types inserted (1 pin button, 1 wappen, matoki sticker, polaroid, post-it)

It’ll be different 5 types of merchandise according to the versions. (See the attached image)

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