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Hi-Lite Records Presents Payday with Goon Trax

This week from 11pm to 5am on the 29th (Sat), an all-night DJ party “PAYDAY” will be held in Shibuya. Paloalto, DJ Djanga and Camo Starr from Hi-Lite Records will be playing.

This will be a DJ party in collaboration with GOON TRAX, the top label in Japan’s mellow hip hop scene. Additionally, Kikuchi Naruyoshi, a master in the jazz scene in Japan, will be playing as a guest DJ.

Korea and Japan, hip hop and jazz, this is a dream collaboration between the artists who’ve accumulated success over the years. We await for the arrival of many of you.

[From HI-LITE RECORDS] Paloalto / DJ Djanga / Camo Starr
[From GOON TRAX] DJ Chika a.k.a. Inherit / DJ Sasaki Juswannachill / DJ Piro
[Special Guest DJ] N/K a.k.a. Kikuchi Naruyoshi
<Venue> Shibuya Milkyway
<Date> August 29th, 2015 (Saturday) 10:00PM till 5:00AM
PAYDAY only: ¥2,500
This performance only: ¥2,000
*Drinks cost ¥500 each


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